How does technology impact special education in schools, specifically with deaf and deaf-blindness exceptionalities?

For as long as I can remember I have been extremely passionate about working with children who have special needs. And within my genius hour project, I am going to investigate how technology influences special education, more specifically hearing impairments (deafness) and deaf-blindness.  Here at UGA, I have been studying sign language and have found myself entirely mesmerized by this language and deaf culture in general.  So I am combining my two passions and making it my genius hour project.  I believe that this topic can be interesting to many other people including schools but also the public in general.  Recently I saw a video of a Starbucks drive through in which they had a camera system set up on their computers that allowed them to communicate through sign language to take someone’s order.  It’s using technology in these ways that I believe more technology in our education system can improve the learning environment for deaf children.  Aside from deafness, I would love to bring awareness and information to the public involving deaf-blindness.  Deaf-blindness is completely separate from deafness and I believe that with some research I will be able to find some innovative ways to communicate and build trust with children who have deaf-blindness.


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