Do you remember those middle and high school days when you would get a “free” day to go to the library and listen to someone talk about online tools that were essential for conducting research work?  Yeah, me either.  I can recall knowing what Galileo was but never really utilizing or needing to use it during high school.  However, that does not mean that search engines are pointless, as a matter of fact, they are crucial to being able to obtain information that Google may not have readily available.                                                                                                     For my genius hour project, I have chosen to capture some so the most valuable educational technologies in and outside the classroom for individuals who are deaf and even those who are deaf and blind. This means that when I start searching for my scholarly articles and reliable sources to obtain my information I may not be able to type my question into Google, but I can utilize Galileo.  For research involving assistive technology inside the classroom, I can use the UGA library website and find the ERIC database which solely focuses on education related articles.  I type in my search words and then any item with those search words in the education field will appear.  I would never be able to specify the department I want to explore if I were to search on Google.                                                                                                 If for some reason I have come to a point in my research, and I am stumped and not sure where to look next.  I can use the online chat offered by the library.  With their expertise, I can save time looking through numerous articles and specific details because they will know where to direct me so that I can have the best results possible.  The website also has tips and converter that can help me site my research correctly and efficiently without having to ever to leave on a webpage. All in all, I realize now that taking advantage of the resources in front of me are vital to the research process. Databases such as ERIC and Galileo will help me make my research and research methods more efficient, quick, reliable, informative, and mostly interesting.