Asking around

So over the weekend, I had the chance to go home to my family and spend some time with them.  While I was there I was able to talk to my mom about my overarching questions abut technologies that would impact deaf culture the most inside and outside the classroom.  My mother is a physical therapist, so she is involved in some of the everyday challenges they face.  She told me about some of her patients that are deaf and just the immense challenge that she faced trying to adequately communicate what she needed to with them.  She was saying how some of her patients had access to assistive technology however many times they were broken, and didn’t work, or the family didn’t have the funds to afford the technology to help them communicate.

My mom gave me some advice about maybe talking to some who is deaf and getting their perspective because as much as I try and put myself in their shoes I could be missing something that impacts their life on a daily basis that I never realized.  They coul have ideas or problems that the face every day and I might be able to come up with an assistive technology solution.

My mother also told me another story of a conversation she had with the mother of a deaf child. The woman’s daughter was now living on her own and grown, but there was something that separated her from some of the deaf community.  She was what they call deaf “proud” and she refused to use technology to help her hear or communicate with the hearing world.  She didn’t want to have an implant nor did she believe that she needed to try and fit into the hearing world.  I found this interesting and very eye opening.  Sometimes people just want to be who they are and not bridge the gap, and that is entirely okay.


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